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Precision Acoustics HD Series
HiDef Series
We’ve previously heard these terms commonly associated with video products but the audio world now boasts receivers with effects.... arrow More
Precision Acoustics Classic Series
Classic Series
A design that withstands the test of time and performance guaranteed to just about every taste summarizes the Classic Series.  arrow More
Precision Acoustics Surround 5 Speaker System
System Package
When space is at a premium and a sensational 5 channel home theater and music speaker experienced is desired you... . arrow More
Precision Acoustics Soundbar Speakers Series
Soundbar Speakers
The Precision Acoustics Sound Bars are simple to set-up, requires little space, and delivers stunning performance to... arrow More

Precision Acoustics Soundbar Speakers Series

Soundstation Encore 5
Greatly enhance your listening experience with the Encoe 5.
arrow More

Precision Acoustics In-Wall / In-Ceiling Series
In-Wall / In-Ceiling Series
The series offers the two most popular architectural loudspeakers sizes and applications to make sure that wherever there’s a.... arrow More

Powered Bookshelf Speakers
The Bluetooth Speakers are one of the most versatile speakers available today and will completely change how and where you listen to music. arrow More
Precision Acoustics Outdoor Speakers Series
Outdoor Speakers
Bring your favorite music to the yard, deck and poolside! These outdoor speakers are specifically designed to withstand all ...arrow More

Car Audio Products
Precision Acoustics Head Units
Head Units
Our Bluetooth CD player is a welcome addition to the head unit segment. Fully featured to complete against step-up products, it packs.... arrow More
Precision Acoustics Car Speakers
Our full-range speakers not only look good, they sound great! When completing the R&D of these speakers, we felt that... arrow More
Precision Acoustics Car Subwoofer
Our subwoofers not only look hot, they pound! In order to develop great bass performance, a subwoofer must be engineered from... arrow More
Precision Acoustics Accessories
Our amplifiers have been engineered to deliver full-range, powerful, and undistorted sound. Using proven MOSFET technologies.... arrow More
Precision Acoustics Accessories
Our car audio accessories have been developed to ensure you achieve the maximum potential from your system... arrow More

Precision Acoustics HD45

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