Speaker Technology
Advanced acoustic components and sophisticated manufacturing techniques provide the Precision Acoustics HD series with an exceptional combination of performance and cosmetics. The combination of rigid cabinet construction, high performance drivers, and elegant cabinets are the core elements to this loudspeaker series, designed to deliver Precision Acoustics.

Feature Advantage Benefit
1”HD Soft Dome Tweeter

PA HD Tweeter
This synthetic material is injected with multiple polymers and then carefully contoured into its dome shape. Strong magnets and other quality components allow for high power handling and good heat dissipation. Wonderful resolution, incredibly clear high frequencies.
Dispersion Guide

PA HD Tweeter Angle
Horizontally spreads high frequencies throughout the listening area and corrects the phase. Guarantees great sound from anywhere in the room.
Polypropylene HD Cones

PA HD Woofer
Injection molded Polypropylene HD composite woofers and midranges are composed of a hybrid combination of materials designed to handle more power while maintaining their shape to preserve the natural sounding bass frequencies. Woofers and midranges are injection molded polypropylene cones with tapered cross section to reduce mass and stiffness around the perimeter of the cone to result in a smoother response, controlled roll-off and tighter dispersion. Accurate bass with lots of impact.
Dual Flared Ports

PA HD Port
Designed to be as precise as a musical instrument such as trumpet or saxophone, the ports feature a similar design and are curved at both ends to eliminate port noise produce tight bass response. Musical, precise, and powerful bass.
High Excursion Surround

PA HD Surround
NBR (nitrilic butadiene rubber) and SBR(synthetic butadiene rubber) are combined to create and extremely pliable material designed to be the perfect woofer suspension. Quick and musical low frequencies.
Symmetrical and uniform cross-over slopes

Because all drivers have been designed specifically for their intended cabinets, the high quality components are used only as low and high pass filters resulting in minimal signal degradation. Pure, natural sound.
Rounded Cabinet
PA HD cabinet
Eliminating harsh edges within the enclosure helps reduce the amount of interior standing waves which cause distortion and negative acoustic effects. Precision performance across the musical spectrum.
Floating Base (HD35T)

PA HD Base
An elegant cosmetic touch that adds a great amount of stability so it won’t tip over and it’s floating design adds an airiness and style preferred to massive bases that take up a lot of floor space. Easily integrates into any décor.
Black Gloss Trims (HD35T)

PA HD Trims
Luxurious black gloss conveys the richness of the brand and brings a common characteristic to flat screens. Matches the most popular current electronics and TVs.

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